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Personal Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Webdesign




Aug 2019


Verônica Motti Correia is a brand strategist focused on sustainable businessess.

Introspection is at the start of the personal branding process. 

It was needed some time thinking till it became clear to me how I could help people through the intersection of my design skills and knowledge of psychology. That was the basis for me to uncover the key atributtes of my personality - ingredientes used in my design receipt.

A visual system based on human characteristics.

Some days we need to use a suit, at others a shirt is enough. Our wardrobe has different pieces of clothes and we try to combine them to fit our humor in a particular day. That's fluid. Organic. And served me as a pilar to develop the visual guidelines of my brand, so I could use it on different contexts; online and offline.

Made to be alive

The brand relation with life itself inspired its name to be alive, same way as the logo, which was built on layers the same way as our personalities are.

Translating oposite ideas coexisting inside of us

Is task for the black and white colors, a well kown symbol of balance and contrast. Blue brings perspective, since is the color of distance and it represents deph.

The bold typography it's a must when we talk about impact, and a human touch is achieve through the using of my own bad handletter, which brings some imperfection to the visuals.